There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~


I started another blog...can't believe I did that as there is no time to keep up with this one as it is. The reason I did is for Sam. He is quite simply a miracle. When he was born the doctors gave him about a 10% chance of survival. Sam asks me all of the time about what happened to him, so I thought I would tell his story so he could read and look at it anytime he wanted. There is not much there right now, but I will begin his story and you will see for yourself that he is very much a miracle. Here is the link.


My mom had a birthday and we all got together to celebrate with her. I am so thankful that my mom lives in Edmonton, she is such a huge help and a great friend to me. She has only been here for about 6 years so now I am so used to her being around that I would be lost without her. Happy Birthday Mom...God Bless You


Maya modelling her new clothes from E-Bay

So this is the new phrase from Maya....COME ON.....she says it all of the time. She says it when she's not happy with something, when she's happy with something, when she's mad at something.......well you get the picture. I am trying to explain to her that sometimes it can sound very rude....she has a tone about it when she says it when she's annoyed. I mention this because it appears that Maya is very much a Canadain girl. She doesn't talk about her country very much anymore and when she does it is just a brief sentence about something she is doing that reminds her of Africa. She says shes from Africa not Ethiopia...not sure why, but that's her story. Her English is coming along...she still doesn't put all of the ands and buts in their proper place, but it will come. Her class at school has gone skating a couple of times this year and she loved it. What a huge contrast from what her life was in Africa/Ethiopia or wherever. She is a control freak and she makes it her business to know everybody's business....Sam gets so annoyed with her. She still is growing at a rapid rate, not like she was a year ago, but still a lot. She recently asked me what a model was and I explained it to her as best I could, so now she does the 'walk' all of the time. I recently bought her some clothes fom a wonderful lady her sells clothes on E-Bay and she spent the evening modelling them for me.....she told me when she grows up she wants to be a cheerleader and a hairdresser. I have no idea what the future holds for Maya, but I know that whatever she does it will be done big and boldly...that's just who she is.