There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~

On saturday some friends of ours had a 'welcome home party' for Denaye and Maya. It was very nice of them to do this. They also got the girls bikes. I know that they are going to love them. Maya has been wanting to ride Sam's bike ever since we got home. They won't be able to try out their new bikes until the spring , but that's o.k.......Maya says it's too cold anyway. We are so blessed and the girls had a great time with all of the kids. Thanks to all of you who came and who helped to make our girls feel special and also thanks to all of you who helped to put it on. We all had a wonderful time!!! Here are a few pictures of the event.

On thursday the 3 of us who travelled at the same time to Ethiopia to get our kids, got together for a visit. Sharla who is waiting and waiting and did I say waiting......anyway sharla and her kids were with us as well. It was great to see the kids and how well they are all doing. Denaye and Maya had a great time dressing up in their princess costumes.

Sharla's kids and Denaye.....they were actually sitting quietly watching a movie. I have evidence!!!
Maya and Samra.....Heather's daughter. She is a gorgeous baby!!!
Maya trying to get Samra to look at the camera.

Samra, Maya, Talia(not sure of the spelling)....she is Michelle's beautiful daughter and Denaye somewhere in the distance.

Reid, Samra, Maya, Denaye and Talia.....Talia is a busy little girl.....I love the look on her face. We've interrupted her playtime!!

The 4 princess's......Snow white, Princess Bride, Cinderella, and Ballerina Princess.....I think they look quite cute!!!

This is very cool......a simple way we can all help make a difference!!!

Sam taught the girls how to play hockey out on our front driveway. It was really quite funny to watch. Maya is quite naturally athletic.....she really was quite good. After playing for a little while, Maya told us she wants to play on Sam's hockey team. She is definitely Canadian!!!

These are my 3 youngest children.....Maya, Sam and Denaye. This is their official seating arrangement at the table. Sam is always inbetween the girls. I have been waiting for the novelty of having girls around to wear hasn't and I am so glad. Sam takes his big brother role very serious and is always hugging and looking out for the girls....especially Maya when they are at school.
They are having bagels for breakfast....a favorite for all of them. Maya is always getting after, eat , eat she yells at him and then often she will gently swat him on the head. Sam doesn't seem to mind.....I am not sure why, but he just eats.


I was tagged by a friend from Calgary......Lisa.....we will meet someday. We live to close together to ignore that detail.

Jobs I've had
1) Prairie Insurance...receptionist
2) Mariposa..sales clerk
3) Bull/Houser/and firm...receptionist
4) Captiol theatre in Moose far my favorite job. I got to see all of the movies for free and eat as much popcorn as I could and drink as much coke as I could drink....this was in high school...does it get any better.

Places I have lived
1) Edmonton
2) Saskatoon
3) Vancouver
4) Moose Jaw

Food I love
1) pasta
2) rice...I know who likes rice.
3) turkey dinner
4) chocolate

Places I'd rather be:
1) I am happy where I am
2) I would love to build a house on an acreage
3) I want to go to new York...just for a visit
4) in Hawaii with my husband...we didn't get to go for our anniversary...we went to Ethiopia instead.....however pretty happy about that!!!!

Movies I love:
1) Titanic
2) Mission Impossible movies
3) The Notebook
4) Grease

TV shows I watch:
1) grey's anatomy
2) House
3) So you think you can dance
4) American Idol

Books I love:
1) 28
2) chicken soup for mother'/daughter's Soul...I know a little lame, but I have daughters now....a totally new concept for me.
3) Rich Dad Poor Dad
4) Adoption Stories....wonderful true miracle stories of adoption.

Bloggers I am tagging:
1) Lisa Goguen
2) sharla
3) Lisa Rempel
4) Nicky


Rod put together a little video of life since the girls have come home.....

There is much to be thankful this Thanksgiving Day........we are blessed. I am thankful for friends and family.....and especially graeteful that Denaye and Maya were home with us to celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

My brother Don and Shauna and their kids Matt and Kendall meeting the girls.

We went to the corn maze on the weekend. I have never been is huge. We had a good time.....a lot of walking. There was about 20 of us.
Emily and Denaye playing in the hay bails at the maze.

The boys playing in the hay bails
Zack and Maya hanging out

Matt I couldn't look beautiful!!!!!


I thought the girls looked adorable in their dresses. They are not used to our chilly air, so they needed tights on their little legs. They were still cold......can't imagine how winter is going to be for them!!