There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~

Just before wew went into the California Adventure

I love this picture of Sam...his eyes are so blue.

We celebrated Denaye's birthday at the Rain Forest Cafe. The staff brought the cake and then sang happy birthday to Denaye...she grinned the entire time.

Denaye got picked to be a dancer in the High School musical show...she was loving it.
The High School Musical production...the kids loved it

The boys just before they went on Tower of Terror

Maya and Denaye picked out Mickey ears....they wore them nonstop. I was a little surprised that Maya's ears didn't include a crown, but it did say princess on it. I guess her tastes are changing.

We went to California Adventure before the Magic Kingdom. It's not as big of a park, but it had some great rides and some fantastic shows that we all enjoyed. High School Musical was one of the main things that Maya wanted to see. We were in the front row and they all had an awesome time singing along to all of the songs. Denaye got picked out of the crowd to dance along with them...she did so great and you could see she felt special. It was her birthday so that made it even more fun for her. Sam rode Tower of Terror and lived to tell about it.....he did say that he loved it, but not interested in going on it again...I think he was terrified and didn't want to admit it. We went and saw the Aladdin musical in the was amazing....Disney really knows how to put on a show....everything they do is magical. The weather was a perfect 24 degrees...not to hot, but hot enough that the water rides were a blast. I loved the raft ride......Maya hates getting wet so this was not her favorite. Denaye was a trooper...going on all of the rides and annoucing after almost every ride that she loved it. I think she tolerated most of them.....she did love the star wars ride and we went on it twice.
It was a lot of fun to watch the kids enjoying themselves so much and experiencing things that we all take for granted. Maya kept asking me if the characters were real...she was so fascinated with seeing all of the disney characters come to life and walking around. She hugged them all and kissed them all too. We had a wonderful time at the park and we ended our day at the Rain Forest Cafe in downtown disney to celebrate Denaye's birthday. The restaurant is quite an feel like you are in a jungle with the sounds of animals and the rain all around you. It is very loud, but the kids enjoyed it. We walked back to our hotel after that and went to bed because the next day we were going to the Magic Kingdom.......everyone was excited about that....even the big kids.

Maya spent the entire time we were there playing in the ocean....she loved it!!

Sam jumping waves.....he did this all afternoon.

Kyle and Sam

Denaye spent most of her time playing beside the ocean and getting her feet wet, but to her she was swimming.

Enjoying the view from the Pier

Jesse and Kyle

We had perfect weather the day we went to the beach. The sand was like silk and the sky was blue and there was very little wind. What a beautiful place it was. The kids enjoyed jumping waves, building sandcastles and being buried in the sand. We had a great day on the beach. Maya is a natural in the water. She spent her entire time in the water only coming out for lunch. She made friends with a little girl there and they played together all afternoon. Denaye was a little cautious of the big waves. She did not like the feeling of the sand disppearing from beneath her feet as she stood in the water. She spent most of her time playing beside the ocean, but if you were to ask her she was swimming. One of the waves was so powerful it knocked her over....I think this is why she was a little scared, but she did loved it. Sam spent his time jumping waves and he had a blast. He did end up with a really bad sunburn though and the rest of the time we spent outside he had to wear a shirt. Kyle spent ALL of his time taking pictures....he came home with 1000 pictures from our trip to California. He loves his camera. Jesse spent his time wandering around and enjoying the beauty of the ocean. He is such a nature person and so he loved all of the plants etc. When we got back to Edmonton he called the city and told them they needed to plant more trees...their response was...go ahead..... if you can get volunteers and buy the trees yourself feel free to plant as many as you want.
We had such a great was nice to not really have a schedule. We did spend a couple of days at Disneyland of course....this is what the kids were looking forward to the most. I will post about those another day.....

In the Aquarium they had a bubble in the centre that kids could pop their heads in and it made them look like there were in the water.

A family made of lego....can you tell which kids are mine??

Full size Darth Vader completely made of lego......and he breaths too

Washington D.C. The presidential Inauguration....not sure which one, but the detail is incredible.
We arrived in beautiful Los Angeles to weather that was fantastic. The entire week was in the mid 80's. We arrived in the morning so we checked into our hotel and then headed to downtown Disney for a look around. The girls were so excited.....they didn't know what to expect so they just went with it.
The next morning Jesse and Kyle went to Knott's Berry Farm and Rod and I and the younger kids went to Legoland. It was a bit of a drive, but the park is fantastic and we were glad we went. Everything is either made of lego or made to look like it was made of the rides for example. This park is geared towards kids up to age 12 or 13. We loved it there and so did the kids. This was the girls first experience with big rides. Our first ride was a roller coaster.....let's just say that Denaye decided that if all of the rides were like that she wasn't going on them. Maya didn't like the big rides at first, but as she went on more rides she got more brave and by the end of the trip she was a pro!! Her favorite ride was Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom...she even went on it twice. Legoland was full of all kinds of things to look at and all kinds of rides. They had built a minature city and we were amazed at the detail. We had a great first day there and were looking forward to the rest of the week.

This is one of the official trailers for the movie......

This movie is set to release this christmas. We just got back from Disney so I was hoping to get a glimpse at Princess such luck. We are all looking forward to seeing the movie though. It's the story of the Frog Prince with a bit of a twist.

Denaye in her new clothes....she wore this on the airplane to Disney....she thought she looked like a Diva.

Our least 5 of them and cousin Jonah.
Grandma Anderson, Denaye and Grandpa Kurtz

We celebrated Denaye's birthday 2 days before we left for Disneyland. Grandpa Kurtz was still here so he got in on the action.
Denaye is growing up so fast. She will start school in the fall...she is a little nervous about that. She doesn't like change very much, but I am sure once she makes a few friends that she will be fine. She is such a funny little girl with a great sense of humor. She is always trying to make us a laugh with her quirky dances and silly things she does. She is always saying and doing funny things without even trying. She has grown from shy timid little girl to a funny beautiful girl with a great smile. We love you Denaye and Happy Birthday!!!!!