There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~


It was one year ago today that we saw the girls for the first time. It has gone by so fast. They have grown so much over the past year. Denaye has gained 15lbs and has grown 5 inches in height. Her shoe size was an 8 and now it's an 11. Maya has gained 18lbs and has grown 5inches as well. Her shoe size was an 11 and is now a size 2. There has been a lot of change in them over the past year and they have truely become a part of our family. Maya is starting grade 1 on Sept 2 and is very excited to be going to school all day!! We'll see how long that lasts. Denaye will start preschool, but I don't have a date yet on that. Life just keeps on keeping on......we look forward to the next years to see where our journey leads us. Right now we are just happy being a family of 8......

Here is the video Rod made of the journey to Ethiopia....brings back a lot of memories and oh how the girls have changed.


After we got back from Sask, we did laundry and loaded the van up again, but this time headed west. We went out to Chilliwack B.C. to see Rod's family. We had a great time and the girls met lots of people for the first time. We also made a trip into Vancouver to go to Stanely Park and of course the ocean. The girls loved the water, but could have cared less that it was the ocean. The girls did great...we drove straight through, so it was a long drive(12 hrs). Denaye asked, if we were there yet, as soon as we hit the highway, so I thought it was going to be a long day of questions. The each had a DVD player so we were good to go. Sam and Kyle are veterans at roadtrips so they knew the drill. It is always nice to reconnect with family and our nephew Doug got engaged so we will be making another roadtrip out there in the spring.....looking forward to it. Rod's dad and the kids. He met the girls for the very first time this day.

The kids at Stanley Park.

Playing in the ocean.......they loved playing in the was fun to watch.


Auntie Renee, Maya and Denaye eating popcorn.

Good friends Roland and Sue meeting the girls for the first time.

Uncle Brian, Auntie Renee, Maya and Denaye

These past few weeks have been very busy. On August 14th we packed the kids and the van and headed off to Moose Jaw, Sask. for my brother's wedding. The kids and I made a quick stop in Saskatoon to meet and visit with some families who have either adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Thanks so much Sandi and gang for a wonderful time and a great meal. It was awesome and the kids enjoyed the break from the road trip. We then continued on to Moose Jaw for the big event.
My brother Don and Shauna were married on August 16th. It was a beautiful day....very hot....30 C......but the day was beautiful. Shauna looked stunning and my brother was very handsome in his tux. Shauna's two children stole the show.....we love them all very much and are glad they are a part of our family.
Me my brothers and sister and my mom at the rephersal. Jody is the one taking up most of the room.

My two handsome brothers.....Jamie and Don.....just before he was married!!

Denaye in her fancy dress.....which she loved.

Maya and Denaye looking cute as ever all dressed up.

My brother and his new wife and their children........Congratualtions!!!

Don and Shauna


It was so hot today so we all decided to have a water fight. We had a blast. Denaye is not afraid at all to get wet as opposed to her big brother Sam. Check out Maya.....she covered herself in shaving cream(soap)....that's one way to get clean. The summer's are just too short in this country.....enjoy the last few weeks of summer as it will be over before you know it.

Well another year has come and gone. I can hardly believe that it has been almost a year since we were in Ethiopia picking up the girls. A lot has happened this past year. The biggest change has been the adoption of our 2 girls. We have all found a new normal and life now includes girls in our house....something I wasn't sure would ever happen!! We went out for dinner for my birthday with my sister and her husband and my mom....without the kids. It was nice to enjoy a meal without the interruptions, but we were finished so fast. My sister, mom and I then went on to see Mamma Mia the movie......I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We all loved it....Pierce Brosnan can't sing at all, but in my opinion that just added to it. I would see that movie again!! Loved it!! I had a great time and it's always nice to be with my family!! Happy Birthday To Me!!! HaHa


We are leaving in a couple of weeks for my brother's wedding and then we are off to B.C. to visit Rod's family.....none of them have met the girls yet. They are very excited to meet new family members and can't wait. I decided that the last thing I wanted to deal with was we put the braids back in. We added some color this time though. Maya's hair is black so putting a color with a little red in it really suited her. Denaye's hair is more brown so I went with more of a blonde. I think it might be a little too light, but she likes it and that's important. They are both glad to have the braids back in, but we won't be keeping them in as long this time.