There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~

Sharla hosted a get together at her house last night. I met a new friend, Justine. She adopted 2 little girls from Ethiopia about a year ago. I have followed her blog so it was fun to meet her in person and get to know her a little bit. Our kids really hit it off and nobody wanted the evening to end. Sharla and her husband recently received their referral for a boy and a girl from Ethiopia. They hope to travel in the fall to bring their kids home. Tracy and her husband Rob have been our friends for a long time and I am sad to say that their family is moving to Ontario. We are sad to see them go.....their 3 kids that they adopted from Ethiopia last year are excited about the move. They will get to see their grandparents all of the time good for them!!
It is always fun for our kids to connect to other kids adopted from their country. Maya made a funny comment on the way to Sharla's...I had told her that we would be meeting some kids from Ethiopia and she then asked me if there was going to be any white people there. I told her yes....I'm white....she said I didn't count. Anyway it was great to meet new people and get to know their stories. We will do it again...maybe in August.
Sharla, Tracy, Debbie(me) and Justine

New pals.....Denaye was having such a good time with Raine

Denaye and her friends having a blast.

New friends....Maya was quite taken with Cooper

Sam's favorite thing to do....bounce on the trampoline

Sam flipping out......

Some of the kids......

Yes I am updating the look of my blog....I was getting tired of the old one. It will take me a couple of days to get everything up and running, but hopefully it will all run smoothly.....

Kyle's 6th birthday....gone are the days of childhood wonder.

Kyle loves we had a birthday pie instead of cake.

Where have the years gone.....Kyle turned 16 years old. He is becoming a young man. He has changed so much in this last year. We've watched him grow about 6 inches in height over this last happens right before your eyes, but then one day you're taller then me now. He is such a gentle soul. He is very close to Denaye and she thinks her big brother is the best there is.
My prayer for Kyle this year is that he grows closer to Jesus and lives a life full of discovering new things. May you experience life at it's best and live it like there's no tommorrow. Chase your dreams and follow the rainbows wherever they lead. Know that you are loved and blessed beyond measure.......Have a wonderful 16th birthday.......We love you Kyle.


Denaye in her Little Mermaid costume that she picked out in Disneyland for her birthday.

Denaye is such a sweet, funny tender-hearted little girl. Last week Taylor (her older brother) and I were having a conversation about what area of engineering Taylor should specialize in. For those of you that are not familiar with Denaye....she needs to be part of every conversation. She talks's exhausting at times. Anyway so here we are discussing what Taylor should be when he grows up(he's already 21...but you know what I mean) and in the middle of our conversation Denaye pipes up and says.....I know what you should be Taylor......a coconut picker......well we laughed so hard, we cried.....
Denaye is always saying funny things that she does not even know are funny...we have laughed so many times at the things she says. She had a lot of ideas that she was talking about yesterday and I told her she was very smart....her reply that's because I use my brain.
Well she also has such a tender heart...she melts when someone tells her that they love her. She always makes sure that I get my morning kiss and sweet. We were walking the other day and talking about Ethiopia. She has very few memories of her life there(or so I thought), but on this day I mentioned that one day we would like to go there and visit. Her response caught me off guard because she talks so little about her life there that I just assumed her memories had faded. Her response might not seem like much to many of you, but it was really quite life-changing for me. After I said that we would like to go and visit......her response......mama that's a great idea.....she hesitated and then added "when we go can we take them some food because they always have to look for it"
I was speechless, but quickly added of course. My eyes welled up with tears.....what a tender-heart she has. All I could think of is I wonder what has become of Denaye's birth North amercia we don't ever wonder where our food comes from. It must have seemed really strange to the girls when we ate meals 3 times a day here and in Ethiopia they were lucky if they had one. I was quietly reminded once again how lucky I am to be their mother. The conversation ended as innocently as it started and she was off playing with her friends. One day we will go back....and I will take them food.


Jesse and his pals

Our hotel was close enough that we could walk to Disneyland....I mean run!!!

It all started with a mouse

There was a lot of this going on the whole day....just pure excitement.
Sam and Denaye......such pals
Sleeping Beauty's can walk throught it for a tour.
Jesse and Kyle in toon town
Meeting Mickey Mouse....Maya gave him a huge was cute.
The parade
Getting their faces painted at the princess was sheer delight for the girls
Finally meeting the princess's........we met 3 of them altogether.
Getting an autograph from Pooh
Sleeping Beauty's castle....all of the kids were so excited....all day
Our day started off very early. We had breakfast at the hotel(it was included) and then we walked or I mean ran to disneyland. Our hotel was 3 blocks from the entrance so we choose to walk. The day was full of excited kids and there was so much to see that I think it overwhelmed Maya a bit. She is usually jumping and bouncing nonstop when she is excited, but when we walked through the gate she was so calm it was weird.....overwelmed I think. Our first ride was StarWars....Denaye loved it...well they all did. We went on it 2 times in a row before the crowds got bad. The girls really started to enjoy the rides...even the big ones. Maya's favorite ride was Space Mountain.....a reall contrast from her first roller coaster a few days earlier...she cried on it. she 's a pro now!!
I waited in line for 2 hours with the girls to meet the princess's. The only reason we did this is because it was what they were waiting for. They got their faces painted in the princess store and Denaye picked out a Mermaid costume for her birthday present. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of her in her costume. I will have to post one later. While we were in line, Sam, Jesse and Kyle went on some other rides to pass the time...this is where we lost Jesse for about an hour. We are used to this as we always lose's just what he does.
We had an awesome day filled with magical moments as only disney can do. It was a long day....we started at 9:00 am and left at around 11:00 pm....we were all tired, but we had such a great day. We saw and did the things that we wanted to do and we went on lots of rides. Thunder Mountain railway was a favorite...there are so many that it's hard to just pick one.
We did have a bit of a scare during the fireworks....we lost Sam for about 15 minutes. It was the scariest 15 minutes of my life. The security in Disney is fantastic and within less then 5 minutes the whole park was aware of this lost little boy. They found him and took him to the lost kids centre. It took the wind out of our sails for a few minutes after that, but I decided this was not how we wanted to remember we went on Raider's of the Lost Ark after that....and had a blast.
We had a grand time and the kids would really like to go back and visit again....Rod's says he's themed parked out. We have been to Disney World in Orlando a few times and he's not a big ride fan. He can do 1 rollercoaster per visit and then he's I guess we'll see. I think the kids will get their way....Disneyland is such a magical makes even big kids turn into little least for awhile.