There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~


This is the timeline for our journey...the story is not yet done so I will continue to add to it as things happen.

June 4, 2006-decided to proceed with international adoption (thought about it for a long time)

June 5, 2006-contacted Cafac to let them know we were proceeding.

June 6, 2006-signed on with Adoption Options our provincial agency.

June 9, 2006-signed on with Cafac our International adoption agency.

June 15, 2006-received workbook from Cafac.

June 19, 2006-medical for Debbie.

June 23, 2006-medical for kids and got letters from pediatrician.

June 27, 2007-Police checks done......we all passed.

June 30, 2006-Rod's medical.

July 3, 2006-Dossier was complete except for homestudy.

July 5, 2006-our first homestudy, Terri was our socialworker.

July 12, 2006-our second visit for our homestudy

July 19, 2006-our third visit for our homestudy, this time she interviewed the boys.

July 30, 2006-decided after much thought to request sisters instead of just one.

August 10, 2006-phone call from Socialworker for last minute questions, homestudy complete.

August 13, 2006-announced to friends and family that we were adopting.

August 14, 2006- signed off on the approved homestudy.

September 18, 2006-received provincial approval for the adoption to proceed.

September 20, 2006-dossier sent to Cafac.

September26, 2006-immigration forms sent.

October 10, 2006-received immigration approval to sponsor the girls.

November 23, 2006-dossier was received in Ethiopia

April 5, 2007-received referral of Denaye and Maya!!!

April 10, 2007-sent acceptance forms to Cafac

April 23, 2007-immigration and acceptance forms sent to Ethiopia

June 23, 2007-successful court day.....the girls are legally ours!!!!

August 30, 2007.....we became a forever family!!!

September 6, 2007.....we arrived in Edmonton and the boys met their sisters for the first time.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi my name is Julie Warkentin. We are in the beginning stages of adopting siblings from Ethiopia Africa through Cafac.
    Amazing to see families who have their kids home already...your girls are beautiful. Thanks for having your timeline on here...encouraging.
    Anonymous said...
    my e-mail is
    Anonymous said...
    My Wife and I are also adopting siblings, we are currently waiting ( an action we are becoming used to ) for our referal from Ethiopia. It is good to see a Family that has gone through the proccess succesfully, Thank-you for the time line ... very helpful

    Neil Bosman

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