There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~


Our first morning in Vegas....the kids were excited to get going.

The kids went swimming almost was 21-22 C everyday. Cold for Vegas...beautiful for us.

At Caesar's palace

Just outside the Coke store...Howard and Sue and the kids.

The M & M store.....can't believe it was 4 stories.

Playing the slots......not came very quickly....we asked if we could just take a picture.

We were in Las Vegas last week. We took 4 of our kids with us and we had a blast. The girls were so excited to get on an airplane. This was the first airplane ride since Ethiopia. They were most excited about the TV's that they could watch. The weather was was 20-23 all week.....we came home to -20...what a difference.
Some highlights of the trip were the 2 story Coke some fantastic glasses from there. Right beside the Coke store is the 4 story M & M store. I have never seen so much m&m was unbelievable. They even had a 3D m&m movie playing on the 3rd floor. The shopping is fantastic in Vegas....loved the factory outlet mall. There was also a Ross store right across the street from our doesn't get any better then that. Some good friends of ours went with us...Howard and's always nice to have friends to hang out with on trips. We saw Danny Gans...loved it. I took Kyle to see Blue Man Group at the Ventian. It is a great show and Kyle loved it so much he didn't want it to end. We did a lot in those 4 days that we were there and the kids had a great time. Denaye and Maya both love to travel.....they were fascinated by all of the lights and all of the action.....makes home seem pretty boring. Sam and the girls love to stay in hotels, so this was one of their favorite parts. I missed my bed, but it was a fun trip for all of us.