There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~

Easter morning.....ripping into the candy!!!!

Candy for breakfast!!!

Meeting new cousins for the first time.

My mom, with her brother Ed and his wife Grace and our cousin Verna. The girls are always excited to meet new people and we had a nice visit with all of them.


Today is Easter.....a time to celebrate our risen saviour, Jesus. Today is also a first for our girls, our first Easter together. Last Easter we had just received our referral for them. It was such an exciting time, it was the first time we ever saw their faces. I have been trying to explain to them why we celebrate Easter and it gets a little confusing for them, but Maya is catching on a little bit. I had to chuckle though because after they received their easter goodies, Maya looked at me and asked if Jesus came by and gave them the chocolate. This is all so knew for them and like every other 'first' that happens in their life is simple a joy to watch unfold. We give thanks today for all things, but especially that Jesus has risen and is alive and preparing a place for us in heaven. We wish you all a blessed Easter and may it be one that you truely discover why we celebrate this special day!!!
God's Blessings on you all
Debbie and gang!!


Maya has been asking ever since I bought them new clothes to dress alike. Here is a cute picture of the girls in their new oufits. After I took the picture Maya wanted to see it......her response " I don't want to dress like Denaye...yuck" So I guess this won't be happening again!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Maya got a new outfit. The girls have been growing so much and it's hard to keep literally feels like they grow an inch a week. Anyway Maya was so pleased with her new clothes she wanted me to take a picture and post it for everyone to see. Denaye got new clothes too.....I will post those when she is in the mood for the camera!!!


Today is 6 months since we stepped off that airplane with Denaye and Maya. We became a family of 8 on September 6, 2007. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. When we were waiting for the girls, time seemed to drag and now that they are's business as usaul. We have all found a new normal with the addition of females into our home and the boys adore their sisters and the girls adore their brothers. They fight though....just today as we were leaving to take a friend home, Sam and Maya were fighting over who should sit where in the van. Life has become normal around here and I am so glad. When we first arrived we were dealing with the girls trying to figure out what just happened to their familiar life they used to know in Ethiopia. I think back to all of the changes that they have gone through and I am amazed and proud of their courage, their acceptance of us, their unconditional love, but most of all their trust. They have truely become part of our family and yes the road was a bit bumpy at first, but we can't imagine life without them anymore. Maya is so expressive and full of energy, she really needs to be in dance classes. Her favorite thing to do is do dance and sing to Hanna Montana and High School Musical. In the fall she will be starting ballet classes...she is so excited, but has no idea how long till the fall really is. I wish we could do it before, but we have a very busy summer. Denaye is slow to trust and more cautious, but her smile lights up a room. She loves simple things like a story or a walk or making cookies with grandma. We are blessed to have such wonderful children and I thank god for them everyday. Life is so much better now that I get to shop for girl stuff!!!!!!