There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle......
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein~

So my family is very they are now going to pursue some of their dreams.....we will see where the road takes them. I am so excited for the Kurtz's a new journey with new possibilities. Here is the link to the blog...remember we are just starting ....


Our Family on Christmas Day 2010.

Maya 10 yrs, Denaye 7 Yrs and Sam 10 yrs

I know it's been forever since I posted......
This was one of the best Christmas's ever.....We are blessed!!

This is a video of Jesse singing....I think he has a ton of talent.....

I am way too far behind to try and catch I am not even going to try. Let's just say it has been busy, stuff has happened and were all good. I am not even sure if there are any readers left. I will continue to post though because this is a great way to document our life.....sort of like a journal. I have to sort through some pictures and once I do I will post some. The girls are really happy that spring has sort of arrived. Maya can't stand wearing rubber boots and gives me tears is tough. Our dog Bentley continues to poop and pee in our house when no one is paying attention....why did I get a dog......oh yeah....the kids. Denaye has started hitting to try and get her way and Sam can't seem to survive without a playmate every second of every day.....

Kyle sang at his school in a talent show...I will post the link for that later ...he is awesome.

Jesse made a you-tube video that is awesome as well. Taylor our oldest son moved out in things have changed a litle bit. Life is good...busy but good. We continue to move forward......

We also just found out that the School trustees voted to close the school that the kids go to. They are in a special program called Logos. It is a christian program within the public system. The school that it was in was located in an area where the population of young families has declined dramatically. The new schools that are being built in the newer areas are all this is the goal over the next few years is to close under populated schools and merge them together. They have relocated the Logos program to a school only 2 blocks away. It is being changed to a K-9 school starting in September 2010. The kids are disappointed, but what can you they are all starting in a new school next friends, new teachers etc. I welcome the change...I know the principal personally and he is a fantastic leader and all though it will mean a lot busier school I think it will be good.

Well that's it for's a start anyway.

I know it's been a long time...A lot has happened and will post about it when I get a chance. I have just been so busy getting my E-Bay store set up. It's all done I will continue with this in a few days.


Well christmas is over and we are now in the year 2010...hard to believe it has been 10 years since the media reported the world was going to end....

Anyway I have now opened my E-Bay store back up and am in the process of restocking it for spring and summer. If you are interested take a look and also tell your friends. Here is the link It will probably take me all month to get everything listed so check back often.



Well another year has come and gone. We welcomed in the New Year with some good friends and their family.....we ate too much, laughed a lot, played a few games

and then before we knew it it was midnight...we had missed it. So we all had our own countdown and rang in the New Year at about's all good!! It still happened. Sam fell asleep in the middle of the floor at about he totally missed it. Denaye was barely awake, but Maya was going strong. Anyway so now it's time to look forward .....a new decade has begun....hard to believe. We are looking forward to a new year and all of it's possibilities.....we wish all of our friends and family a very Happy New Year and may all of your dreams come true.
Debbie and gang!!


This is Bentley. He joined our family on December was pure excitement around our house when Rod showed up in the morning with a puppy . Rod and I have always said we would never own a dog.....well that all came crashing's a long story, but let's just say there was a lot of guilt that led to us caving. I have to admit he is a cute puppy and loves to cuddle. I haven't had much sleep since he joined our family, but everyone says it will get better....they said that about kids too!! Our kids all said that this was the best Christmas present they ever got....well worth the smiles and joy it has brought....even though Bentley has totally disrupted our house!!!


Merry Christmas from all of us........

Princess Ariel

Denaye turned 6 on December 10th. She had her first "real" birthday party last weekend.....complete with loot bags and friends. She invited 4 of her friends from school along with her grown-up friend Debbie. Debbie has been a friend of ours for awhile now and it just so happens that she is the teacher's aide in Denaye's kindergarten class. All of the girls thought it was a special treat that she showed up at Denay'e birthday party. Denaye chose to have a princess party so all of the girls showed up in thier best princess costume. As the princess's arrived, Denaye invited them into the royal ballroom to await the festivities. Denaye had the time of her life....she was so glad to finally have a birthday party that involved more then just family. The princesses made the most beautiful crowns and snacked on chicken nugget supreme and succulent carrot sticks. They toasted one another with sparkling cream soda and sparkling Grape juice. The day ended with the most lavish dessert ever....royal velvet cupcakes with sprinkles. The event was the talk of the town for days....truley one of the most lavish events ever.
Happy birthday Denaye.